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OurJ.G.T. Seasoning™


Imagine having to cook for three children, whose taste buds are as unique as their personalities. How do you ever strike a balance to satisfy everyone's wish list for dinner? Our light bulb community moment happened one evening while I was preparing dinner. Individual choices of meat was not an option. Like it or not, chicken was it. I pondered how, with one selection of meat, I could appease the distinct palates of all our children. Chef Qui walked in, noticed my dilemma, opened the spice cabinet, and it hit us. Why not blend the spices and make our own seasoning?! Dinner was served and the sound of "yum yum" in unison was all the confirmation we needed to know that we had ourselves a winner.

J.G.T. Seasoning™ (named after our children: Jayson, Gabrielle, and Trenton) became the staple season blend in our kitchen. Now with J.G.T. Seasoning™ making its way into kitchens all over the world, more and more families are enjoying a savory boost of flavor and aroma to their favorite dishes.

How to useJ.G.T. Seasoning

J.G.T. Seasoning™ is a true all-purpose seasoning that can be used on almost EVERYTHING!! Whether it’s beef, pork, turkey, chicken, seafood, vegetables, salads, soups, freshly baked breads, casseroles, and it even makes a delicious vegetable broth! J.G.T. Seasoning™ is the perfect way to add flavor to every dish, and conversation around every meal.


Our tagline, "Not too much; just a lil’ bit," is an ode to our Grandmother, Lula Bell Martin, affectionately known as “Ma,” who was loved by everybody!! Ma was well-known in the small town of Dublin, GA, where she grew up and raised her family. Every summer, I would look forward to visiting with her in Dublin. Among other things to be enjoyed, those trips to the grocery store were the best. Granma would let me have anything that would fit on the buggy, but she’d advise me with “not too much, just a lil’ bit!"

She'd say this with everything, whether it was dinner, dessert, a glass of water, money, or even how loud we should turn up the volume on the TV. It was always “not too much, just a lil bit!“ As I got older, we realized that Granma was teaching us the importance of moderation in everything. It made sense that we should honor her with our tag line to always remember balance, harmony, and moderation in flavoring our foods. Still wanna know how much J.G.T. Seasoning™ to use... not too much, just a lil bit!

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